Benefits of Z Workstation

Unique HP technologies have been evolving since many years and being embedded into the Z Workstations to make them powerful. The Z Workstations are designed precisely from inside out to fulfill your needs. With latest innovations and industry-leading technologies, the Z Workstations deliver high performance and reliability. Your job made easy with the Z Workstation- performance, innovation and reliability from mobile to the datacenter.

Perfect for machine learning

Z workstations are the scalable and cost efficient machine learning solution. The HP Z8 G4 workstation is engineered to host the large amounts of reckless storage and computational power needed for deep learning training. It is also designed for 25/7 operation1 to facilitate training sessions that can take days to complete and facilitate the many sessions that may be required to complete a training workflow. HP has recommended HP Z8 G4 configurations for deep learning training work that we believe will deliver best-in-class productivity for training DNNs.

VR ready

For content creation, product development or architecture engineering and construction the Z Workstation are the best for VR applications. The Z Workstation delivers high-speed frame rates and low latency even with complex data sets for immersive experience.

Professional graphic solution

From ZBook to HP Z820, is proud to exclusively offer professional graphics choices on all the HP Z Workstations.  For business which requires stability, reliability, great performance, additional support, and application-specific features and optimization for things like complex design modeling, dataset manipulation, visual effects and visualization. With high performance GPUs, choice of professional graphics options and additional resources the Z Workstations are ultimate graphic solutions.


Experience high performance and productivity even with complex computing solutions embedded into Z Workstation.

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