How to select right workstation for your Business?

When the needs of the company grow beyond standard applications, we require sophisticated design, information and management tools and a change in computer hardware. A traditional business like construction has also become increasingly dependent upon sophisticated programs to ensure the fast, accurate exchange of information and data.

There is variety of configurations available for workstations you got to choose the one that your business requires:


Two primary processing subsystems are present in workstations- Central processing unit (CPUs) and Graphical processing unit (GPUs). Most workstations do fine with just CPU and GPU boards, each of which may have single or multiple cores within a single chip. As the names imply, the CPU performs most of the general number crunching processing activity and the GPUs handle the graphic intensive video calculations and renderings.

Internal Memory

Workstations use higher quality, error-correction code (ECC) random access memory (RAM) to ensure enhanced system reliability. RAM is the internal memory of computer, the place where the computer stores data and information for quick retrieval. The RAM is volatile and for better performance you need to increase RAM.


The workstations’ hard disk drive or solid state drive is referred to as the storage. The place where data is logged and can stay indefinitely, to be recalled when needed. There is less chance of physical failure. Storage provides fast access to data increasing performance.


Choose from the Z Workstations the best that suits your business requirements and flourishes the business performance.

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