HP Z Workstation – A Trustworthy Partner for All Financial Transactions

Financial trading and analysis professionals need a high-performance processing as well as high-reliability system. Especially in financial trading, where every minute and second is important and crucial, the stakes are very high. In such situation, a professional cannot be bearing losses just because a system slowed down, hanged up, or failed.

Being committed to provide industry-specific solutions, HP came up with HP Z Workstations.

HP Z Workstations enable professional traders to execute financial transactions at a lightning speed. High-performing processors and dual-CPU systems will help financial traders to avoid downtime, saving them fortunes. In combination with HP Performance Displays with vivid IPS panels, professionals will also get crystal-clear view of the information.

With a portfolio of high-performance HP Z Workstations, HP meets all the requirements of the financial services which are available and supported globally. Also, these workstations are powerful, reliable and really easy to service. You also get to choose between single and dual processor designs, small and regular form factors, and ECC memory options.

The HP Z Workstations designed for financial industry supports up to 8 monitors at a time. It is a dream system for multitasking professionals.

For financial industry, we will suggest you to go for HP Z6 and HP Z8 models. HP Z6 with Intel® Xeon® processors & and up to 384 GB of memory will enable you with unified performance during all your crucial transactions. Also, HP Z8 with Intel® Xeon® processors with 3 TB memory is an excellent choice for multitasking traders.

With such great features, HP Z Workstations give financial traders relentless power to perform all transactions speedily and reliably.  Once you get used to such trustworthy workstations, we are sure, you won’t look anywhere else!

Choose the right dream machine for your business today!

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