HP Z Workstations – Keep up with Healthcare Technology

From point-of-care to telemedicine, electronic medical records (EMR) systems, and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), healthcare industry technology is moving at a fast pace. This growing pace of healthcare industry needs a right technology to partner with. Healthcare industry deals with a very critical data and in time limits; hence, the technology needs to be high-performing, accurate, and reliable.

HP Z Workstations provide exactly what is needed! Speed, accuracy and reliability! With high-performance processors, large storage capacities, and lab-tested reliability, they are perfect for healthcare environment. These hospital-quiet workstations enable medical professionals to readily access EHR and EMR. HP Z workstations’ powerful processors won’t slow down even if you switch between huge data sets at high frequency.

HP Z Workstations are embedded and provide storage and transmission of CT, MRI, and PET imaging results, enabling you to import and export data from external or internal image archive systems.

For point-of-care healthcare applications, medical personnel need reliable access to patient information. HP Z Workstations will never let you down whatever medium you choose. Be it servers in the hospital, health system, or the cloud, HP Z Workstations will make medical records available! With Intel® Xeon® processors and excellent collaboration tools, doctors can look at live patients’ videos with their medical records from remote locations.

These workstations are intended to decrease acoustic output levels enabling extremely efficient heat removal from processors. The tool-free chassis, expandability and easy service make these workstations all the more desirable.

We would suggest you to go for HP Z4, HP ZBook 15, HP Z6 or HP Z8 for healthcare technology purpose. You can choose your technology partner that will boost your efficiency.

Putting all the above points together, you can be sure that have a natural fit for healthcare industry!

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