Less of Troubleshoot and More of Work – HP Z Workstations

Every time you open the system or start working on something new, you have to go through its guidelines or know how it works. Even after you do this, you might face issues while actually performing the tasks. Understanding, performing and then troubleshooting consumes a lot of time. All HP Z Workstations provide with an ultimate solution for you in the form of HP Performance Advisor – the Guru.

Each time you start your HP Z workstation, HP Performance Advisor is available to help you. You can get most of your work done in a day with the help HP Performance Advisor.

Let’s see how this feature will help you.

  • Increases your as well as system’s performance, productivity and stability by regularly advising you
  • Helps you in selecting the appropriate drivers for all applications
  • Lowers the maintenance of the workstation
  • Helps you to set right configuration for your workstation to achieve maximum performance
  • Provides you with a report on your hardware and software configuration
  • Updates the system automatically for you, so you always have the latest version to work on
  • Suggests optimized ways to achieve your benchmarks
  • Simplifies future reference and support calls

Thus, HP Performance Advisor simultaneously increases the system efficiency and balances your workload. It is the feature that makes HP Z Workstation a favorite in businesses.

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