Three Factors That Make HP Z Workstations Fit for Life Sciences

Research, molecular dynamics, imaging, quantum chemistry, informatics, and other life science disciplines need to create, visualize, analyze and interpret critical data. HP offers high-performance, GPU and CPU-based workstations to make tasks in Life Sciences and Bioinformatics applications easier. HP Z Workstations are one-stop solutions for all extreme computing and graphic needs!

The feature that makes HP Z Workstations the best choice for Life Sciences and Bioinformatics industry is use of GPU.

Let’s see how it exactly accelerates the efficiency of Life Science industry.

GPU and CPU-based workstations are designed and built with extreme computing and visualization challenges in mind. The workstations are powered by NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, systems for large storage and I/O needs of data-intensive applications. GPU is a parallel processor built for system design, software, algorithms, and optimized applications. Almost a dozen of CPUs are replaced by one GPU-accelerated which increases the application throughput and saves the costs.

Upon this, HP also provides certified professional graphics for key applications accelerating the throughput. HP puts in a lot of research, people and testing ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certification processes to make sure these workstations run as per the applications’ standards.

You can choose from wide spectrum of HP Z Workstations, so that they meet your business requirements.

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