When Z Workstation is in action?

Satisfy all your workplace requirements with the Z workstation. Whether it’s design work in space-constrained environments, performance-driven computing, 3D models, extreme visualization or analysis of complex datasets. The Z Workstation range is designed to fulfil your needs.

Workstation that run 24x7

These Workstations deliver enhanced performance and reliability with latest innovation and industry leading technologies, along with high-end expandability, well beyond standard computers’ capabilities and at entry price point.

Being ultra-quiet and incorporating efficient power with cooling solutions, the HP Z workstation can run for 52 weeks. With different range of configurable features, this also means you can grow your workstation easily as required, storage, adding memory and I/O expandability.

Which Workstation is right for you?

HP Z2 Workstation:

Ideal for 3D CAD and rendering, it is the smallest workstation provided by HP. Designed for the workspace of the future.

HP Z4 Workstation:

Envisage your project anytime by moving seamlessly between 3D CAD, simulation applications and rendering.

HP Z6 Workstation:

High powered processors & professional graphics options, up to 384 GB of memory give you seamless performance during graphics-intensive work, such as visual effects and design visualization.

HP Z8 Workstation:

With extreme power and industry leading performance and acoustics, the Z8 Workstation is the most secure and flexible workstation.

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